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Why Aisles Play An Important Role In Wedding Styling

Aisles Play an important part in wedding styling. So much planning goes into a wedding and often many seem to focus on the major aspect of it such as the dress, the suits, the venue and the food. All of these are undoubtedly important but often it is the minor details that can bring an event such as a wedding together.

When you consider the small details such as chair covers or favours it makes you realise that often many forget about one of the most important aspects of the day besides the bride – the aisle.

Why is the aisle so important in wedding styling?

 While wedding planners spend a lot of time styling every other aspect of the wedding, often the aisle can be overlooked. It is the place where the bride gets walked down and the place where the eyes of all guests are locked, so perhaps now is the time to begin paying more attention to the aisle and the way it is styled.

An aisle is more than just a walkway on a wedding day. It is the last path that the bride will walk as a single person, so why shouldn’t it capture the imagination? It can be styled with stunning, vibrant carpets or even artificial grass to inject some colour. The quality look and feel of carpet will provide any wedding venue with a feeling of quality and luxury and that will certainly add an extra dimension to the day. It is also possible to add stanchions along the aisle in a number of styles and designs. This can provide a defined aisle that stands out in so many ways.

When it comes to styling an aisle, it is something that is often missed out but with the right ideas, it can transform a wedding venue and really get the day started in the best possible way!

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